Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts make phone sales faster and easier

Client Enrolment Conversation Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts are an invaluable tool, especially when it comes to selling high priced products, programs and services ($2K-$$20K+) which generally require a sales conversation.

Often called a Strategy Session, Enrolment Conversation, or Clarity Call, the sales conversation is an opportunity to connect with your buyers, understand their pain points and wants and needs, and present an offer tailored to their unique situation.

Sales scripts to close the deal

Sales scripts are a valuable tool, whether you are a professional sales person, a coach, consultant or service professional.

It is particularly useful to script the "close" of the sales conversation - where you present your offer to the client, especially when you are incorporating multiple conversion elements like bonuses, scarcity and urgency.

Sales Scripts help ensure consistency

Sales scripts help ensure consistency between calls, making it possible to benchmark, measure and improve your sales calls over time. They also ensure that you "tick the boxes" of essential elements of the sales conversation and help you deal with objections and other questions.

Sales Scripts for Coaches

As a coach, you've probably already tried offering "free coaching sessions" or "strategy sessions" or "clarity calls" to help you get clients.

While this sounds similar to a sales conversation, far to often these are positioned and carried out in a way that makes then ineffective as a sales call, and typically result in the prospect having a great time but leaving the call without taking action.

Can you coach on a sales call? Yes - but only in order to guide them to make the best decision about moving forward, which should be (if you have qualified properly before the call) moving ahead to work with you in some way.

Using a Coaching Sales Script helps overcome this problem.

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Sales Scripts for Consultants

Sales scripts are helpful for consultants too. With consulting, it can be hard for prospective clients to understand exactly what you will be able to do for them. Using an effective sales script which establishes the agenda, their objectives, and challenges, is essential to discover what they need help with and to help you offer a winning consulting proposal or agreement.

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Phone Sales Scripts for Winning Sales Calls

Sales scripts are particularly useful for phone sales, where you have the freedom to read from your script, take notes and plan your call better than you can with face to face meetings.

When it comes to selling high ticket products, programs and services, phone sales is generally the most effective and efficient approach because it is fast, cheap and easy to implement but creates a strong connection with the buyer and makes it easy for you to structure your call and control the sales process.

2 Part Sales Scripts

When closing high ticket and ultra high ticket offers, many organisations employ a 2 part sales script with a "setter" who conducts the first part of the call, gathering data and creating awareness, interest and demand before handing the prospect over to the "closer" who confirms the information gathered by the setter and then closes the sale.

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