Selling High Priced Consulting Services

How to Enrol Consulting Clients at Premium Prices

As an experienced consultant, you’ve probably noticed that selling to people who already know, like and trust you is easy. This means that most consultants generally get clients from word of mouth, professional referrals, networking and past client referrals.

While this sort of approach to lead generation and sales does work, it’s becoming increasingly unreliable because:

  • It’s highly time consuming
  • Difficult to scale
  • It can be expensive to attend live events
  • Challenging to qualify referrals
  • Hard to find ideal clients locally.

Recently, online marketing, lead generation and sales have become much more competitive when compared to traditional networking, word of mouth and referral approaches.

Most importantly, prospective clients are highly likely to search for, choose and buy consulting services online.

This means you should be moving to online marketing and sales, either as your primary strategy or in combination with traditional business development approaches.

How to sell High Priced Consulting Services with Online Marketing

Watch the video below to learn how to sell high priced consulting services online.

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